Our Philosophy

Selecting the right ingredients is important to us. We understand our buying habits impact the well-being of our communities and the environment, so we always consider the effect our choices will have on others. We ask if the ingredient we’re using is real food. We like to control our own processes, so we make special chicken stock to enhance flavor instead of resorting to ingredients like MSG. We select only items and suppliers that reflect our values and enable us to produce consistent quality, and examine all of these factors together when choosing what we put into our patties. Although we are confident in the decisions we’ve made thus far, recognizing opportunity for growth is one of the features that sets us apart. When it comes to our ingredients, we upgrade as we’re able and put forth our best effort to meet all of the criteria we believe in.

Old-Fashioned Methods

Our flaky pastry dough is folded by hand. We only use the best fats to layer our crusts. Traditionally, Jamaican Patties are made using beef suet which is a hard fat that lines the kidneys and loins. Suet can be challenging to work with because it is an unprocessed product. Great suet is dependent on what the cattle are being fed. That’s why we use suet from local farms that raise their cattle humanely and consistently on a clean diet.

People often wonder what gives the beef patty its distinct “cheddar cheese” colour. It’s not corn flour. It’s actually a mix of both turmeric and annatto, which is a dark seed derived from the achiote tree native to regions from Mexico to Brazil. Morgan’s Harbour patties use natural ingredients to flavour and colour our pastries where most large manufacturers may resort to food colouring.

Each dough has a unique seasoning to complement the filling inside. Annatto and turmeric for the beef, bay leaves and turmeric for the chicken, and spinach and turmeric in the stew peas vegan.

Each filling is made from scratch and crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Hours are spent infusing the base of the stews before any filling ingredients are added… This process includes treating chicken bones before turning them into stock, and slow roasting potatoes which will be used to add umami to the base of the Vegan Stewpeas.

The result is that the crusts of our patties are savory and harmonize with the fillings. We cook with intention, and it shows.

Spicy Beef Patty

Pastry – Wheat Flour • Beef Suet • Water • Palm Oil Shortening • Canola Oil • Sugar • Salt • Turmeric• Annatto.

Filling – Ground Beef • Water • Bread Crumbs (leaven, yeast) • Tapioca Starch • Scotch Bonnet or Habanero Peppers • Herbs & Spices • Salt • Soy Sauce.

Allergens Contain: Wheat • Soy • Sulphites. May Contain Peanuts.

Curry Chicken Patty

Pastry – Wheat Flour • Beef Suet • Water • Palm Oil Shortening • Canola Oil • Sugar • Salt • Turmeric • Bay Leaves.

Filling- Diced Chicken • Water • Pinto Beans • Bread Crumbs (leaven, yeast) • Onions • Tapioca Starch • Canola Oil  •Scotch Bonnet or Habanero Peppers  •Herbs & Spices • Salt.

Allergens Contain: Wheat. May Contain Peanuts.

Stewpeas Patty

Pastry- Wheat Flour • Water • RSPO Certified Palm Oil Shortening • Canola Oil  • Spinach • Sugar • Salt • Turmeric.

Filling – Pinto Beans • Chickpeas • Onions   • Potatoes • Carrots • Green Beans • Peas    • Corn • Bread Crumbs (leaven, yeast)
• Coconut Milk (coconut milk, guar gum, cellulose gum) • Tapioca Starch • Scotch Bonnet or Habanero Peppers •Herbs & Spices • Salt.

Allergens Contain: Wheat. May Contain Peanuts.