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The Patties

Indulge in the deepest flavors; we slow down and take the time to make our patties using time-honored methods and quality ingredients.

Heat, Enjoy, Unwind.

Curry Chicken

Free range chicken simmered in home made chicken stock bolstered by strong Caribbean flavors.

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Spicy Beef

Local premium AAA beef infused with the time-honored trio of spices: thyme, pimento, and scotch bonnet peppers.

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Stew Peas Vegan

Roasted potatoes and coconut milk create a savoury base for a vegetable blend. Made with sustainably sourced ingredients.

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We answer all your questions in our FAQs.

Who We Are

Inspired by our hometown in Port Royal, where the infamous Captain Henry Morgan once resided, our passion is ensuring that this Jamaican street food is authentic when it reaches your mouth! We’ve been established since 1994 after our family emigrated from Jamaica to British Columbia. Since then, we’ve been cultivating our recipes and cooking methods to create excellent patties.

The Ingredients

How we approach the importance of ingredients. What does “Quality Ingredients” even mean?

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Curb Side Pick Up

We are now selling at our facility!

Our retail hours are for curbside pick ups and delivery only. 

Please contact us in advance for your order to mitigate line ups outside. Only staff are permitted to enter the facility. Check out our Takeout Menu to see the full menu!

Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 4pm – 9:30pm

Please call 604-475-3200 to place your order and when you arrive for pick up!

Frozen Grocery Packs

Four-Jamaican Patty Pack (4 pcs)

One order comes with four pieces.


Eight-Jamaican Patty Pack (8 pcs)

One order comes with eight pieces.


Twelve-Jamaican Patty Pack (12 pcs)

One order comes with 12 pieces.


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