Curry Chicken & Okra

From: $13.99

Jamaican curry: tender chicken thighs, okra, carrots, onions, and scotch bonnet peppers in a saucy blend. Served with fluffy rice. Vibrant flavours await!

This meal is Gluten friendly.

Cooking Instructions: Open lid, sprinkle with water. Microwave on high for 4-6 mins.
Freeze if desired. Microwave 6 – 8 mins if frozen.

Contains: Soy, Coconut
May Contain: Wheat, Mustard

Regular Curry Chicken

Tender boneless chicken with a balanced portion of Rice and Reas for a wholesome meal.

Carb Conscious Curry Chicken

The Carb-Conscious option has no rice and more peas and is designed for those who prefer fewer carbohydrates.

Added Protein Curry Chicken

The added protein option has 100 grams of extra chicken for those looking for more meat than usual.