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We will be closed on Saturdays from October 2022 until further notice, thank you!

– Bored of your dinner options? Depressed you can’t travel? 

– Want something convenient and delicious in the freezer?

Satisfy your craving for adventure with our grocery packs!

Open for Curbside Pickup Wednesday – Friday 11am – 4pm* 

Please wait under the pick-up tent, call 604-475-3200 when you arrive to pick up your order, and we’ll bring it out to you!

Curbside pickup is located at:
Unit 9 – 1850 Kingsway Ave,
Port Coquitlam, BC,
V3C 1S6

*Delivery is available on Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, and Door Dash!

Convenient Ordering Options:

Call us at 604-475-3200 to place an order for curbside pickup  

Place an order using the online shop on our website below. Orders are for curbside pickup.

The Patties

Spicy Beef

Local premium naturally raised AAA beef infused with Jamaica’s time-honored trio of spices: thyme, pimento, and scotch bonnet peppers.

Curry Chicken

Chicken raised without the use of antibiotics, simmered in homemade chicken stock bolstered by strong Caribbean flavors.

Stew Peas Vegan

Roasted potatoes and coconut milk create a savoury base for a vegetable blend. Made with ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

Frozen Grocery Packs



Four-Jamaican Patty Pack (4 pcs)

One order comes with four pieces.

4 pack = 1 flavour only

Eight-Jamaican Patty Pack (8 pcs)

One order comes with two 4 packs.

8 pack = pick 2 flavours

Twelve-Jamaican Patty Pack (12 pcs)

One order comes with 12 pieces.

12 pack = pick 3 flavours

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Frozen Grocery Packs

4 pack:1 flavour only
8 pack: Pick two 4 packs
12 pack: Pick three 4 packs

  • Four-Jamaican Patty Pack (4 pcs)

  • Eight-Jamaican Patty Pack (8 pcs)

  • Twelve-Jamaican Patty Pack (12 pcs)